A Message From Our President

Brothers and Sisters of the Indiana Elks Association,

I am privileged to be elected as your State President. When I joined the Elks in the fall of 1990, my only goal was to meet new folks in a new community into which I had just moved. Like a lot of you, it became a calling, and I am proud of my contributions to this great Order!

As your 2022/2023 State President, I am honored to represent our 14,334 members of this great state of Indiana. I speak for all when I say that we are proud of our past, firm in our present, and confident of our future. I hope to serve members of this great organization with humility in re-dedicating ourselves and our State once again to continue to serve our
communities and to bring together people of good will and brotherhood and sisterhood under the lofty standards of Elkdom. My motto is L.I.F.E (Living In Full Elkdom). What do we need to do in our communities to grow our membership and make a difference?

The answer is simple: Volunteering is a way to help others in need, to build community, and, most importantly, to remind ourselves that we are all part of a bigger society. The ways that we can volunteer our time and skills are manifold, ranging from assisting our Veterans, keeping our children from going home hungry, keeping our youth drug free by
educating and mentoring our youth.

At the core of volunteerism is the idea of giving back — recognizing that for our society to thrive, we all need to do our part. As a bonus, volunteering benefits the volunteers themselves, too. In addition to reducing stress, volunteering increases feelings of joy and gratitude, which in turn improve our mood, sense of optimism, and immune system. In other words, as the idiom goes, “you get what you give.” “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart”
So L.I.F.E.!!!

I have a personal goal to raise $2500 for the American Heart Association!  As I shared with a lot of you at the recent State Convention, my story of running in a 4th of July race and having a heart attack.  My heart had stopped for 8 minutes and if their had not been a couple Good Samaritans who rushed to save my life by performing CPR until the EMTs arrived, I would not be here today.  I would like you all to join me on October 1st in Indy as an Elks Team for a 5k Walk stating at Victory Field in Indianapolis.  If you can’t make it please donate at the link listed below for this great cause.  I encourage you, your family and friends to live healthier lives.  We are not going to get any younger but we can be more healthy and live longer!

2022 Indianapolis Heart Walk: Indiana Elks Association

Geoff Robinson

Indiana Elks Association State President

Geoff Robinson Pin