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2022 Fall Meeting – Internet and Social Media

Membership Toolkit: Social Media Guidelines

Some helpful disclaimers for your Lodge social media

By RICK GATHEN, Membership and Public Relations Manager

Please consider using the following social media disclaimer for your Lodge:

We reserve the right to remove comments and or materials from the Elks Lodge social media when those comments:

  • are hateful or mean-spirited.
  • are potentially libelous, obscene, or sexually explicit.
  • are personal attacks, or involve profanity or insults.
  • are private or public information published without Lodge consent.
  • violate any law or promote the violation of any law.
  • contribute to or encourage discrimination or harassment.
  • display photos of Members drinking or smoking, or considered harmful to the Elks’ image and reputation.
  • contain the names of minors.
  • divulge Lodge business that may violate your Obligation.
  • are not positive and informative.

We reserve the right to terminate someone’s ability to post when any of the aforementioned has been posted.

  • Don’t dive in head first. Social media beginners should focus on a few things and do them well.
  • Don’t accept non-Members as friends.
  • Don’t post photos of members drinking or smoking.
  • Don’t post photos that may be “harmful” to the Elks image and reputation.
  • Don’t post names of children.
  • Don’t post Lodge business that would be in violation of your Obligation.