A Message From Our President

Brothers and Sisters of the Indiana Elks Association

The high honor of being elected president of the Indiana Elks Association for the year 2019-2020 is truly appreciated. I am humble to be in the position to represent more than 15,200 Indiana Elks. Jane and I are looking forward to visiting the members at your Lodges. The anticipation of learning of all of the good work that your Lodges are conducting in your communities is exciting to the both of us. We take great pride in being able to serve as ambassadors for our state locally, regionally and nationally

The charities we provide to our communities are the Elks’ greatest asset. We are instructed from the first days as an Elk that ‘Charity is the greatest of all virtues’. Thus, this is the basis of my theme for Lodge year 2019-2020. ‘Elks make a Difference’. As Elks, we are fortunate to be able to begin to enhance our communities using the various grants provided by the ENF. We can then multiply that impact through additional fundraising, using those funds to meet the various needs of our communities. The ability for each Lodge to address local needs makes the Elks unique among fraternal organizations.

The ‘Elks make a Difference’ with our programs for youth and veterans, making hopes and dreams possible to achieve. however, because we do so much, it is is easy for us to become complacent. The demand in our communities is fast and we must always explore new ways to reach those in need. Two areas that have drawn my attention in recent years are homeless veterans and the elderly poor. When Elks seek out those in need, ‘Elks make a Difference’. I challenge all Elks to seek new ways to reach additional people in the need, bettering their communities even more.

Jane and I are grateful and honored to be your representatives of the Indiana Elks Association.

Michael L. Jack, State President